World Energy Congress 2016 Istanbul

Invite from Chair, Organising Committee, World Energy Congress 2016

On behalf of the WEC Istanbul 2016 Organization Committee, I respectfully greet you all on the occasion of the 23rd World Energy Congress to take place on 09-13 October in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Congress has an unrivalled reputation as a global platform for governments, businesses and specialists in terms of addressing important energy-related issues in the context of meeting the needs of producers and consumers. The theme of the Congress to take place in 2016 in Turkey is the “Embracing New Frontiers”. The event in question is a leading platform in the world concerning energy affairs with its extensive fair area that enables advanced technology to be exhibited in addition to the wide-ranging discussions on energy security, the environment, and sustainable growth.

The Congress, in which over 10,000 participants are expected, will offer unique opportunities for networking with global players, for discovery of cooperation possibilities, for providing investments and for access to new markets. There is no other energy sector event that brings together senior industry leaders, ministers of state, and other highly influential actors in such an extensive scope as in the World Energy Congress. In the current global economic climate where difficulties continue, the Congress will provide politicians and executives with a competitive advantage to define the future energy trends.

The WEC Istanbul 2016 has a privileged importance in strategic terms. At this juncture, where developments have emerged toward a wide-ranging global change and transformation, especially in the field of energy, Turkey, which naturally links continents and forms a point of transition, will help determine the development of the new network to guide the energy sector of the future by hosting the Congress and creating a global turning point. In a unique initiative of the new energy sector, the Congress will offer extraordinary possibilities to discover and exploit the opportunities to be presented by Istanbul at the crossroads of continents to politicians and executives.

In this sense, it will be an honor for me as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish National Committee of the World Energy Council to make outstanding efforts for the WEC Istanbul 2016 to be held successfully. This is because the Congress in question will provide exceptional benefits both to Turkey and its neighbors and to countries and organizations globally operating in the field of energy.

In this context, I will be proud to invite you to participate, and to meet you in Istanbul.

H. Murat Mercan
Chair, Organising Committee, World Energy Congress 2016