isaf 2016 istanbul exhibition

GIANT ORGANIZATION OF INDUSTRY PREPARES FOR THE 20th GATHERING WITH EXCITEMENT The undisputable leading event on Security, Smart Home and IT Security in the country, ISAF prepares for the 20th gathering with excitement. One of the top-ranking exhibitions in the country in terms of exhibitors’ attendance ratio continuing in the succeeding years, ISAF will take place in 3 halls which are the 9th, 10th and 11th halls in 2016 with new exhibitors and exhibitors who have been attending for years.

Set to meet the industry for the 20th time on September 29th – October 2nd, 2016, ISAF Exhibitions have made a successful beginning for the new season this year thanks to the satisfaction of its exhibitors and visitors as it did in the preceding years. As we enter the second semiannual period of the 2016 season, the ISAF Project team has completed a major part of the sales as a result of its effective works and heavy demand. Foreshadowing a successful organization for 2016 even as of now, ISAF is running out of available halls.

While a majority of its exhibitors continued to be a part of the exhibition ever since the initial years of its organization, this significant event has also opened its gates to many new companies in 2016 with the experience it gained over the years. New companies who would like to take part in the ISAF Exhibitions, which the leading companies in the industry follow closely, are having difficulties in finding available stands in ISAF Exhibitions organized in Istanbul Expo Center Halls numbered 9, 10 and 11.

Please contact our sale team before it’s too late in order to secure your place in ISAF Exhibitions where the latest developments in technology are introduced to the professionals in the industry before anyone else with the “Smart Solutions” concept.

Marmara Fair Organization has begun working for the 20th International ISAF Exhibition of 2016 without making a distinction between homeland and abroad and has completed most of its collaboration agreements with respective foundations, industry-specific publications and similar exhibitions abroad as less than 6 months remain for the event.

Intense marketing activities are carried out in the United States, Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, China, Indonesia, India, UK, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan and Amman. Conducting its promotional works in collaboration with many sectoral magazines, publications, portals and web sites, the ISAF Exhibition is announced across the world and international exhibitor and visitor works are organized pursuant to the demands received after the above mentioned works. Maintaining its activities on site in addition to these agreements, Marmara Fair Organization team takes the necessary steps to build relations with stakeholders and to develop projects by taking part in gatherings where industry-specific meetings are held in the country and abroad such as exhibitions, conventions, symposiums and seminars.

In April, Marmara Fair Organization team attended ISC WEST security equipment exhibition which took place in the Las Vegas city of USA, and then promoted the ISAF Exhibitions in the Secutech Exhibition which took place in Taiwan and it continues to keep its finger on the pulse of the industry.

A commission consisting of the major names in the industry in Turkey also attended Taiwan Secutech Exhibition under leadership of Marmara Fair Organization. These site works allow close follow-up of the latest developments in the global industry while drawing attention to the significance of the Turkish market in the international arena.

Any hostess request please contact us.