3rd Tunnel Construction Technologies and Equipments Fair

3rd Tunnel Construction Technologies and Equipments Fair

1 – 4 September 2016 – Istanbul

The future roads technologies, and the new manufacturing techniques used in the tunneling construction sector are waiting for you in Turkey’s only, and the world’s biggest TUNNEL FAIR.

You can see and examine the new innovative technological products that the international firms and known brand companies of the sector will be exhibiting in this fair.

The up to this moment technology of the biggest companies in the tunneling construction industry are waiting for you.

In addition to the world`s largest TBM manufacturers, you can meet and form collaborations with national and international manufacturers and suppliers.

The city that gathers the continents, Istanbul

One of the world’s most important transfer centers, Istanbul, the connecting point of Europe and Asia, and one of the oldest cities in the history of humankind.

In addition to the beauty of its history and nature, the city that the sea crosses is a very important business center.

To keep up with the pulse and future of this sector, do not miss TUNNELING FAIR

Turkey’s 2023 Goal Is To Construct 470 New Tunnels

Target is 2016 And 2017

According to the volume of the investments in tunneling especially in 2016 and 2017 seems to be the years of rise in the number of finished tunnels. Due to the information we get, 94 different projects of 272 kms are going on right now. Especially some important projects on North-South axe are expected to be operative till the end of 2017.

Big Tunnels – Big Projects

Some world famous projects in tunneling which have a vital position in both highway and rail system, are taking place in Turkey. Marmaray which is under 66 meters from sea level is operating for two years till 2 years. Eurasia Tube Pass will be constructed 106 meters under the sea level, which is the deepest project underwater around the world. The OVIT tunnel which is still under construction is the longest of Turkey and the second longest in Europe with its 14.7 km length double tube tunnel. Tunnel is expected to be online in 2017 with a 719 Mil TL total investment.

2023 Goal is 470 Tunnels of 700 Km’s

There are 264 km’s of tunnels are constructed since the decleration of the Republic of Turkey. The target point for 2023 is to reach 700 km’s of total tunnel length in the 100th year of the Turkish Republic.